What Is The Definition Of Community Human Services?

Community health and human services is a branch of the human services discipline that aims to improve a community by serving or affecting a broad population. These positions might range from public administrators to eligibility workers, and they all have a significant impact on the community by assisting hundreds of clients each month with basic requirements.

Working directly with community members on a one-on-one basis and visiting many people of the community each day, or large-scale planning and implementation of programs to enhance the lives of community members, are examples of such professions. All population human services have the same goal: to provide human services to a big enough segment of the community to have a significant impact on the community as a whole. Community human services stands out from the rest of the human services sector because of its macro-level vision.

The public administrator position is an example of this macro outlook in the context of local government. Some public administrators are elected individuals, while others have been appointed to fill a specific role in their community. In most circumstances, a public administrator’s job is to guarantee that government agencies and officials follow new and existing laws and regulations. The public administrator may also work to develop and propose new public policies and legislation, which he or she might then present to a local city council or state legislature for approval. Working closely with local government, the public policy consultant is another vocation that works within state, city, or county organizations to design and establish new laws, regulations, and policies that will benefit their community as a whole. The public policy consultant has a huge impact on legislation and their community as a whole by educating the public and politicians on major topics affecting the community.

Community human services are provided by the population health educator, who works to ensure that the general public is aware of health hazards, healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of hygienic habits. This can take many forms, from working with vulnerable people to avert epidemics to visiting schools to promote good food and physical activity. By delivering a vital human service, the public health educator has a large impact on their community.

The disaster management specialist is an often-overlooked community human services practitioner. The disaster management specialist strives to help their community prepare for the possibility of a large-scale manmade or natural disaster by taking a macro and long-term perspective. The disaster management specialist helps to have a massively good impact on their community as a whole by educating the public and working in unison with local government and media. This greatly minimizes the risks of death, injury, and turmoil in the aftermath of a disaster.

The eligibility worker’s job has a big impact on the community as a whole. The eligibility worker has a significant impact on the lives of individual families as well as the community as a whole by working with one family at a time to provide access to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF formerly Welfare), Employment Related Daycare (ERDC), and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits (SNAP formerly Food Stamps). This is accomplished by the worker assisting hundreds of families each month in obtaining essential services and necessities. This helps to offset the effects of long-term poverty as well as abrupt changes in employment, such as the millions who lost their jobs during the 2007-08 economic crisis and the global pandemic in 2020-21. The eligibility worker’s work has had a significant impact on the community.

The diversity of vocations that fall under the banner of community human services demonstrates that these jobs serve a vital purpose in their communities. Community human services are essential to the proper functioning of communities, whether they are small towns or large cities. By providing services that affect large segments of the population, community human services serve to stabilize and develop society as a whole.

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