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Valuable Stamps Chicago: A Tour of the Nation's First Postage Stamp!

Sep 22

The United States Post Office Department introduced the first postage stamp on July 1st, 1847. It was a copper penny that featured an engraved portrait of Benjamin Franklin. This is considered by many to be one of the most valuable stamps in Westmont, IL in existence because it is so rare and original. The following blog post will provide you with more information about this important historical artifact and how you can learn more about its history when you visit our company in Westmont!

Brief introduction of the history of stamps and the history of Ben Franklin stamps.

The first postage stamp was introduced on July 01, 1847, and it featured an engraved portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Henry Walter Bates sold this valuable stamp in Chicago to a collector in 1865 for $2300. That is about $44,000 today when you factor inflation! Benjamin's original copper penny design has been copied many times by other countries as well which has made the originals more rare and very valuable. The most recent copy happened in October 2012 with Ukraine releasing their own commemorative edition that cost around $25 each but there were only 1000 ever printed so they are considered some of the most expensive foreign stamps in Chicago out there because they're really hard to find!

Discussion on why the Penny Black is so valuable to collectors.

The Penny Black is considered one of the most valuable stamps in Chicago because it was the first stamp and its design has been copied by many countries making them rarer to find. The original cost $0.01 when they were available which is about $0.16 today but you can't buy a single penny black for your collection anymore! One reason why this stamp might be so hard to purchase now is that people are often removing pennies from circulation so finding an intact example might not be possible in certain areas or with certain types of households where there's less need for cash exchanges like banks, gas stations, etc... It would make sense if these were taken out of use as well since we don't really have

Explanation of how to tell if a stamp is authentic and what it may be worth.

This is a tough question because there are so many things to look for. One of the easiest ways is just by looking at whether or not it has a watermark on it but you can't always tell that without using something like UV light! There's also searching through an online collector database which will let you know what someone might pay for your rare stamps in Chicago if they wanted to buy it from you based on its rarity and condition, etc... The Penny Black worth varies depending on who would be interested in buying one and how much it costs them now so we can't really say with certainty what yours may be worth. It could definitely sell anywhere between $200-$5000 though as long as it’s still intact and undamaged so just think about

Review of resources for collectors, including books and online auction sites.

This post is all about the valuable stamps in Chicago. It's a company that offers services like but not limited to stamp appraisals and authenticator reports. They also offer authentication of autographed works by notable persons such as actors, athletes, or singers for private collectors worldwide. The first postage stamp was issued in 1847 and it made its inaugural trip from New York City to Washington D.C., carrying an envelope with a one-half ounce (14 grams) of letter rate mail attached via two corners - both carried on board the packet ship Sully which set sail on April 12th at noontime from Pier 14 along South Street near Bowling Green in lower Manhattan.

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