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How Australian Tutors are set to support International Students Return to Study

Oct 24

The COVID-19 pandemic changed us all and the widespread impact forced the hand of schools and universities worldwide to reinvent the way education was delivered. With Australian borders set to open on November 1st, International arrivals will bring a whole new level of excitement after being locked down to the world for over 18 months. Students are also set to return to full time, face to face study, a big change from Zoom calls and pyjamas. 

Impacting all ages, the challenge has no doubt resulted in students falling behind. Not only have parents struggled with motivation day in and day out, but for those who have missed out on social interaction as well as a regular curriculum and daily timetable structure, there’s every chance that it is going to be difficult to get back into the habit of studying.

International students returning to Australia face unique difficulties

Whilst universities and schools across the country will continue to offer student support and wellbeing services, international students are now facing their own level of anxiety. Life will be different however those taking the long journey across the ocean back to our shores need arrive with confidence that Australia has your best interests at heart.

Here are three return to study tips to help International students adjust back to Australian school life.

1. Give yourself time to adjust

Some students may be very keen to get back to campus, while others might be a little more apprehensive and cautious about not only socialising again but also getting back up to speed with attending lectures and tutorials – and both these feelings are justified.  Be mindful that processing change is going to be a different experience for everyone, but everyone is going through the same change.

Whilst Australia is open for business, mandatory mask wearing, vaccination requirements and restrictions within the hospitality and retail precincts will continue to hinder our normality of freedom for some time to come. Universities will also have their own requirements so before International students arrive, it is wise to touch base with your institution to see what you need to do. Preparation is key and the time to understand the new normal is now.

2. Get back into a routine  - hybrid learning

With restrictions on the requirement to adapt spaces for students to study due to COVID social distancing rules, some universities will be forced to adopt a hybrid model; face to face teaching mixed with some form of online learning. This, even more so, will require students to get back into a routine as fast as possible. This transition can be challenging so seeking the assistance from a team of professionals can be the key. Whether we like routines or not, they give us the structure and predictability that help us through times of uncertainty. Making time for yourself away from study is just as important. Get that balance right and you will ease back into student life.

3.  Seek the services of a local tutoring team in Australia

If you are concerned about how far you might have fallen behind with your studies, it might be a good idea to engage the services of a local tutor in Australia. The tutoring team at A Team Tuition can help International students not only to catch up on the all-important curriculum but adjust to the mental barriers and challenges of such a disjointed year - or two. Whether your desire is to improve your grades or simply seek assistance with transition back to studies, the fastest way to catch up is to engage in intensive tutoring.

Australia welcomes the arrival of International students returning to study. Everyone is going through the same adjustment process so keep an open mind, seek guidance and leverage off the support that a tutor in Australia can provide, to give you every opportunity to succeed.