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Best Hebrew Roots Livestream for Messianic Teachings

Sep 12

Best Hebrew Roots Livestream for Messianic Teachings

The best messianic teaching livestream

The Hebrew Roots Church

The Hebrew Roots Church is a movement to bring back the original Jewishness of Christianity. This movement teaches that the Church has forgotten its Jewish roots and that Jesus and His disciples were also Jews. It advocates that every Christian should lead a Torah-observant life. Specifically, the Mosaic Covenant ordinances must be at the center of the lifestyle of believers today. 

Jewish law

The movement for Jewish law at the Hebrew Roots Church is a non-denominational movement rooted in biblical teachings. Its members believe that the Torah is still binding and that it was intended to be that way. While most modern-day churches have strayed from the Torah, the Hebrew Roots movement claims that Christ understood the Torah perfectly.

Hebrew Roots Church advocates believe that Christians in the early Church must follow God's laws and keep the festivals of the Jewish faith. However, this argument is problematic when considering the social context of early Christians in the Mediterranean world. These believers would have been closely tied to extended families and the wider society. Therefore, they would not have been able to completely avoid Greco-Roman calendar traditions.

Torah-observant life

The Torah is the foundational teaching of the Church. The Hebrew Roots Church teaches that God originally intended the Torah to be binding on all people forever. While the New Testament is an important part of the Christian faith, many of its teachings are not Torah-observant. For example, this group argues that the New Testament should be understood only in light of the Old Testament.

Do to many Hebrew Roots congregations being so far from each other, it is not uncommon for many to attend church online through a live stream as opposed to an in-person church. While the congregation is mainly virtual, some believers choose to attend local synagogues to practice their faith. Occasionally, however, large events bring the community together. For example, the religious conference Revive 2013 took place in Dallas, while the upcoming Revive 2014 will be held in Jacksonville, Fla. Missions to Israel are also common.

There are also messianic churches such as Jacob's Tent, led by Pastor Bill Cloud that keep the Sabbath day and celebrate the commandments in the Torah.

Paul's teachings


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The Apostle Paul's writings are incredibly deep and difficult to read. In fact, Peter warns that some of his writings are difficult to understand. The most common mistake readers make is not understanding that Paul was a Torah observant disciple of Jesus. He taught that obedience to God is the foundation of faith and the basic duty of every disciple.

Paul taught his readers that they should not judge Jewish believers based on their dietary practices, festivals, and Sabbaths. This is important because the early churches were made up of both Jews and Gentiles. It was difficult to reconcile the two groups, as many Gentile believers had been told they must be saved by following the Mosaic law.

Though many Hebrew Roots fellowships tend to be radical in their fundamentalistic approach to the Bible, there are several that hold to orthodox teachings of Christianity while also maintaining the laws given in the narrative of the Torah are good and can be used to honor God. Things such as keeping the Sabbath reveal the ultimate fulfillment of God's rest only found in Yeshua, according to Matthew Vander Els, Pastor at Founded in Truth Fellowship. Founded in Truth Fellowship is a Messianic Christian church located in Rock Hill, SC. They believe honoring the Sabbath day is a blessing as well as celebrating the Biblical festivals found in Leviticus 23. They celebrate Passover, Shavuot, and Feast of Tabernacles every year in light of who Jesus is as King. They hold that Jesus is the son of God, the redeemer of creation, and no man can come to the Father except through the blood of Christ. 

Here is a Hebrew Roots teaching on the Sabbath:  

For more information on Founded in Truth Fellowship and their Hebrew Roots teachings, check out their Messianic teaching youtube Channel or visit their Hebrew Roots Teachings website.

For Directions to Founded in Truth Fellowship, a Hebrew Roots Congregation, click the link below:
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