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Tips on dressing your student room

Dec 16

Tere are a range of tips on dressing your student room. Putting up some plants in your student room is a great idea. Not only are they good for your health, but they can also bring a bit of colour and interest to your room. You can use plants such as cacti and ivy, which require a fair amount of light, but can thrive in a slightly shadier environment. Another great idea is to hang photos on command hooks. Succulents are easy to care for, so you can put a polaroid on a peg to display it.

Add lighting to your student room

When it comes to lighting, soft lights are the key to creating a chilling atmosphere. Most students won't have access to dim lights in their rooms, so small lamps and fairy lights are a great way to create a soft glow. You could even add a teddy bear or two to the room - a familiar face and a teddy bear will make the room feel more like home.

Add Green to Your Student Room

Another way to create a chilled atmosphere when decorating is to add some plants. A plant will not only brighten your room but will improve your mental health. As a bonus, plants also help clear the air in the room. However, if you can't afford a real plant, try buying small ones for your windowsill. You can also bring some teddy bears or a peace lily to your university. 

Creating a gallery wall can be a great way to show off your personal items and add an element of homeliness. Adding fairy lights is a fun, creative idea that won't break your tenancy agreement. Alternatively, you can use electric tea lights to get the same effect. Despite the fact that you may be living away from home, you can still create a warm and homey atmosphere in your student room by using electric tea lights.

Student Room Lighting

When it comes to lighting, don't forget the walls. A simple string of fairy lights can transform a dull, boring room. Using a bedside lamp can create a soft, romantic atmosphere that will allow your student to relax after a day at school. You can use inexpensive and beautiful fairy lights to brighten up your bedroom. You don't need to spend a lot of money, either. Just make sure that the light is bright enough to be seen from all directions.

Adding plants to your room can add a touch of life. While most student halls are not allowing fairy lights, plants can bring life to your room and make you feel more at home. If you don't want to go all out, terrariums are a low-maintenance option that can be added to your room with no hassle. And if you don't want to invest in a whole garden, you can still put them on a floor stools